October Apollo Park

October Civic Center

October Dennis the Menace Park

October Discovery Park

October Fire Station 1

October Fire Station 3

October Furman Park

October Golden Park

October Independence Park

October Library

October Police Station

October Wilderness Park

September Discovery Park

September Police Station

September Library

September Fire Station 1

September Dennis the Menace Park

September Golden Park

September Furman Park

September Fire Station 3

September Wilderness Park

August 31 Wilderness Park

August 31 Independence Park

August 31 Golden Park

August 31 Dennis the Menace Park

August 31 Apollo Park

August 30 Firestation 3 Groundbreaking

August 30 Library Construction

August 30 Library Groundbreaking

August 30 Police Station Construction

July 17 Firestation

July 17 Apollo Park

July 17 Dennis the Menace Park

June 1 - Fire Station 1 Groundbreaking

May 30 - Library Groundbreaking

May 15 - Apollo Park Groundbreaking

May 15 - Dennis the Menace Groundbreaking