Library Modernization Project

Library Percentage Update

The Downey City Library is currently undergoing a complete renovation that will transform it into a true 21st Century public learning environment, furthering its mission "to ignite a community of creative and critical thinkers."

The demolition of the interior is now complete and renovation is well underway. The air conditioning ventilation has been installed and new framing has been placed. Since this renovation and construction is expected to last over a year, on-site library operations are not available. However, Library staff and selected programs will be retained and more information on these programs will be available.


  • Reconfigure Interior Spaces
  • Replace Interior Finishes, Books and Data Storage Furniture
  • Install Energy Efficient Lighting
  • ADA Improvements

Local Partnering Libraries

Whittier Public Library
Santa Fe Springs City Library
Commerce Public Library
LA County Library

11121 Brookshire Ave

Library is Closed

Construction Schedule

June 2019-May 2020

Estimated Construction Cost

$8.5 Million

Library Calendar