Civic Center

Civic Center Improvements

Fire Memorial - Completed

In honor of the City’s fallen firefighters a memorial will be built right outside of the City Hall. The Firefighter’s memorial consists of a centerpiece which is a bronze statue of a kneeling firefighter complemented by a circular concrete seating arrangement.

Library Outdoor Area - Completed

The outdoor area adjacent to the northwest of the Library which currently serves as gathering place with outdoor seating will be reconfigured and enhanced. An attractive shade structure with multi-color cover will be constructed to provide added comfort for the patrons a splash of vibrant colors to create a more dramatic backdrop.

Theater Plaza - Completed

The existing Theatre outdoor area is going to be transformed into an attractive plaza. This new outdoor public place will include features such as a circular fountain displaying a prominent sculpture, an information kiosk, seating/conversation areas, art displays as well as an exterior elevator accessing the Theatre’s second floor.

11111 Brookshire Ave

Construction Schedule

August 2019 – November 2020